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 Did You Know?


Everything on our menu is made from scratch, by us, using many local and often

organic ingredients. This includes everything from our sodas, burger buns, and donuts,

to our bacon, sausage, ketchup, mustard, American-style cheese, and more! 


Our sodas are caffeine-free, and made with organic cane sugar,

organic herbs and spices, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. We don't use any

artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. We even make them to order!  


We make our own maple breakfast sausage, smoked bacon, and smoked ham at our

commissary kitchen. We use only locally raised pork. Our maple breakfast sausage is

flavored with Hudson Valley Crown Maple syrup, as well as fresh herbs from

The Berry Farm in Chatham, NY.


Our beef and chicken are also always sourced locally. Our special burger grind is always fresh and very flavorful. We spend the first half of every week prepping our fried chicken sandwich (it's a three-day process from fresh to fried) and we fry each piece to order. 


We bake our own sandwich buns and breads. All breads use only whole, natural ingredients including Ronnybrook Farm milk, Feather Ridge Farm eggs, dry yeast, King Arthur flour, organic cane sugar, butter, and salt! Our sandwich buns are also topped with organic sesame seeds. 


We make all of our condiments, sandwich toppings etc., including our mayo, ketchup, mustard, and "truck sauce" - a sweet, tangy, and savory mayo-based sauce that is delicious on your burger or to dip your fries! 


Our American-style cheese starts out as fresh cheese curds, which go through a *secret* process that transforms the curds into a super melting cheese that tastes nothing like the processed American cheese you're used to! We use freshly ground Annatto seed to color the cheese, creating that nostalgic yellow-orange color.


Our french fries are hand-cut daily, and we use delicious Catskill-grown potatoes from Story Farm.


We strive to use the highest quality ingredients in order to produce the highest quality product possible. We prepare each menu item with great care and respect for the products of our local farmers and purveyors. We make absolutely everything from scratch, the way it used to be, in order to further control our quality. 




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